Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Summer is Over

I haven't figured out why I've been coughing for almost 5 months, neither can I recall exactly how I started coughing 5 months ago. But I do realize I haven't updated my blog as long as I've been coughing.....with that said, coughing might be a good excuse... ;-)

The 5-month coughing and constant low grade fever have given me enough opportunities to get familiar with public healthcare system. Yes, it is a great thing to live in Canada that you don't have to pay a penny when you are sick (To be exactly, other than $3.5 per hour hospital parking, I paid nothing). However, how efficient and effective the system is, it might be too early for me to judge. I've seen 5 doctors, got 6 different medication, taken 2 blood tests and 2 X-Ray during last 5 months, unfortunately I'm still coughing like a dying old lady while I'm typing now. My chest and stomach muscle have got more than enough exercise during the last 5 months for me to skip all the gym workout. It gets annoying only when I feel all my organs are displaced after deep coughing for no reason. I hope my doctor can take the coughing away from me on Thursday when I go visit her again to see my other test results and potentially I might be assigned more tests to do (feel like myself one of those little cute white lab mice). Or maybe I should go walk into ER directly and tell them I might have H1N1......haha, H1N1 does sound more sophisticated than Swine Flu.

I'm so grateful that my parents are with me for the last two and half months. It's been many years I haven't been around with my parents, I like to be a kid again (ha...said shamelessly). With Mom here, my stomach has been pleased a lot, however one thing weird is that I don't see myself gaining any weight. Only thing I could think of is my mom is a genius.

Summer is over in Ontario. I can feel the long dragging winter is around the corner, maybe this weekend is a good one to go north for foliage. I desperately need a vacation, maybe a prescription of 2 -week vacation can cure my coughing. I know I'm a genius, like my mom.