Friday, January 16, 2009

Flight 1549

When we started boarding US Airway flight 2502 from LGA to PIT on Thursday afternoon 15th of January 2009, we heard the final boarding call at the next gate for the flight 1549 to Charlotte……

I sat at the window seat and fell in sleep without hesitate once I buckled up the seat belt for take-off. The caress of the sun made me feel warm and safe, I felt like I could just sit there forever. It was a short nap till the captain announcement waked me up, the breaking news was that another US Airway flight got crashed into the Hudson. How could this happen, it sounded scary and unreal, since everything in such a sunny winter afternoon looked just so perfect. We didn’t know if there was any casualty or not. The next thing we were told, the airport was going to be shut down immediately, and no flight would be allowed to take off. The plane started taxiing back to the gate. When we almost got there, the pilot announced that we might be able to fly again...15 minutes later, we took off.

Everyone was on the phone talking to their beloved ones after we landed in PIT, I got voice messages from the family to make sure I was not on that crashed plane. I guess the initial news didn't provide detailed flight info, and both flights have almost the same departure time from the same airport. Well, it's not my final destination yet for sure, I'll be around for a while, quite a while and be happy. :-)

And I'm glad to hear that everyone survived from flight 1549...salute to the captain of flight 1549, he is the hero! I'm looking forward to the new episode of "Mayday" on Discovery channel soon......It is a good TV series for anyone, especially those travelling a lot.

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